East River
East River Plant and Composting Facility
East River
East River Plant
Visitor and Committee Members Open House 2006
Committee Representatives Open House 2006
Committee Representatives with Guests from the Compost Council of Canada Open House 2006
open house 2006
Open House 2006
Municipality Open House 2007
Composting 2007
Workshop on Composting Open House 2007
Plant sale 2007
Plant Sale Open House 2007
plant sale 2008
Chester Basin Garden Club Plant Sale 2008
BBQ 2008
Girl Guides BBQ Fundraiser 2008

Workshop on Composting Presented by Martin Tanner, Envirem 2008

2009 Open Hourse Melissa McIntyre LP Plant Environmental Manager Showing Compost Display.

2009 Open House Compost Workshop Presenter Rod Fry, Envirem, Presenting Door Prize.

2009 Open House Display Plants Grown in Envirem Compost.
OH 10 BBQ & veranda sign 12 June -2011 Open House 4H BBQ and Planter
2010 Open House 4H BBQ and Planter
OH 10 Edible planter 12 Jun - 2011 Open House Edible Planter
2010 Open House Edible Planter

2011 Open House Guest Speakers

2011 Open House LP BBQ for Heart & Stroke Foundation

2011 Open House at Compost Facility

2011 Open House Municipality
Display With Vermiculture
Breakfast & Lunch served by the 2-Bays 4 H Club June 2012
Plant Sale & Raffle Ticket Sales June 12
10th Anniversary Cake!
2013 Open house Display
Plants in Compost from the Facility
Rod Fry
2013 Open House Speaker Rod Fry

Chester Sea Cadets BBQ -Open House 2014

Transistion Bay Presentation-Open House 2014

Smash-O-Matic - Open House 2014

Volunteer Loading Free Compost- Open House 2014

2015 YMCA Youth Leaders BBQ

2015 LP Siding Presentation

2015 Municipal Composting Display

2015 Compost Product Give-Away

2016 Niki Jabbour Presentation

2016 MLA Denise Peterson-Rafuse Discussing Committee

2016 Wheel-of-Dirt Winner

2016 Visitors Signing Guest Book

2017 Volunteers Providing Snacks

2017 4H Fundraising

2017 Panoramic of Displays